R&D technology partners

We are experts in international research and innovation projects under the protection of Europa LIFE and Erasmus +.

Brand image and product projection

In Pristálica we study the objectives of your project and design a brand and a unique graphic universe that help to project it and make it known to the world.

In addition, we design and develop your custom WordPress so you can report the development and progress of your project, managing it in an easy, fast and transparent way.

From the project requirements to the initial idea

We transform the initial requirements of the project into the first wireframes of the application to be able to create the best tool, the easiest last and powerful.

The products are born with a multiplatform vocation from the beginning: designed in the environments where the application will be executed, whether mobile or on desktop devices.

Cross-platform project creation

Finally, we turn all designs into reality, creating multiplatform applications prepared for all devices and latest technologies.

Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, web, ReactJS, WordPress, your product come true on the platform where you need it and with the right technology.

Contact Info

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