Report on the need of the furniture industry regarding Industry 4.0 and Key Enabling Technologies.

The furniture and wood sector has identified that it has a shortage of professionals with high-level qualifications in ICTs and other emerging technologies. Some of the specific skills and competencies that are seen as critical for managers in the furniture sector are ICTs skills that are essential for operation in a modern business environment.[1]

This document details the results that Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and sector experts from the In4Wood consortium obtained about the shortfalls and needs regarding Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) that Industry 4.0 (I.40) involves in terms of skills and competences, paying special attention to the Furniture and Woodworking sectors. The analysis has been carried out in the countries represented in In4Wood consortium: Spain, Italy, Germany and UK, with a total production of furniture equal to 53€billion (more than half the total share of EU28)[2], and centered on professionals from the sectors, representatives from Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training communities dealing with (Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Furniture/Woodworking related studies, and experts from Key Emerging Technologies. With this, the first milestone of the In4Wood project, Definition of Skills Needs, has been achieved.

This analysis will be further used by the VET providers of the Consortium for the design of the most suitable training paths for the identified target users as well as for profiling the Joint Curriculum Vitae on Industry 4.0 expertise in the wood and furniture manufacturing sector.

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[1] Investing in the Future of Jobs and Skills.  Scenarios, implications and options in anticipation of future skills and knowledge needs. Sector Report. Furniture. European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

[2] Source: (data 2015)

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