Thematic Seminar – Industry 4.0 in Cities and Regions – Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP)

28 June 2019, Industry 4.0 in Cities and Regionsr- in the context of the Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP)rBelgium – Brussels – June 2019 r© European Union / Nuno Rodrigues

Presentation of IN4WOOD project at the European Committee of Regions

On June 28th EURADA project officer Christopher McInnes presented the In4wood training material to the delegates of the Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) seminar at the European Committee of Regions (CoR). The KEP seminar was organised by the CoR and the European Commission – DG Research and Innovation together with the support of EURADA and Eurocities. This ambitious event was held to update participants about the main developments at policy level of both Industry 4.0 and social innovation. It also provided insights of needs and obstacles of regions in the areas of research and innovation which may pose a threat to investments in Industry 4.0. Christopher presented the goals and methodologies of In4Wood and the results of the project-related online surveys conducted in Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK demonstrating a great coherence between the expected project outcomes and the practitioners’ needs. Christopher explained that the main target of the project are company CEOs as the produced training material will extensively help them disseminate relevant information quicker and better among employees. CEOs need to be constantly trained so as to develop and improve their work as much as lower-level workers and innovative learning tools are very welcomed. Importance was also placed on the video pills published by In4Wood offering costless interviews of experts, who would otherwise require high fees to share their expertise. The audience followed with interest the presentation particularly appreciating the holistic approach of In4Wood as this is the key to ensure innovation within companies. This event served as the perfect stage to gather very valuable feedback from the future beneficiaries In4Wood at the policy and practice level.

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